Dating popcorn trick

She played with it for a little bit. It wasn't super buttery or salty, but warm and dry. So yeah, I put it away after like 2 minutes of giggling. Zeekmeister - "She liked it, butter hand got all greasy. Dropstop -"As a teen I attempted this but we both quickly realized folks would think either she's a super hungry Parkinson's patient, or a popcorn monster had grabbed hold of her hand and wouldn't let go.

So after a few minutes we stopped. She did lick her fingers though which was kinda hot.

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Scrubtanic - "I mean, I didn't exactly go on a lot of dates in high school, but even I remember my first popcorn-induced cock assault rifle. In my town we called it "Saluting the Kernel.

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Peter Pulls The Old Hole In The Popcorn Bucket Trick

Isai Rocha Jun 3, The Bucket List Guy. SoDelicious 8 hours ago.

The popcorn trick. : comics

I mean, has this ever resulted in a handjob? You could probably find some derelict alley and purchase a handjob for roughly the cost of an extra large bucket of popcorn at the movie theatre. And a regular handjob will be a heck of a lot quieter.

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I mean, popcorn bags seem deliberately noisy. What were theatre owners thinking? Every handful of popcorn means a crinkly, wrinkly, rustly noise for the rest of us. But the tell-tale rhythmic rustling of a popcorn handjob is a dead giveaway.

Welcome to Reddit,

Popcorn handjobs are so indiscreet! How can you call more attention to this illicit act?

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If you can picture any single man pulling this trick, who would it be? To get an authentically shocked response, Rourke hid a dildo in the popcorn, which is a sweet touch. What a thoughtful colleague. Now, the above definition suggested that an extra large bucket of popcorn be used, but I suspect the truth of the matter is that most guys could do with a small.

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But how do you stay erect until she digs down far enough? Is the anticipation enjoyable? Is the slight friction of the kernels kind of kinky? Or do you eventually just become a flaccid inchworm lining the bottom of the bag, never to be discovered.

Let's be real, does the popcorn trick work?

And your dick stuck through a hole in that popcorn. Offer some to your date. You obviously cannot move the popcorn at all, so you have to offer it to her without moving it toward her, which seems like a dick move. Not moving it at all, keeping it trained exactly on your crotch is probably…suspicious. Do you eat popcorn out of your own dick bag? But is this getting weird? Like Liked by 1 person. I think I would excuse myself to the bathroom, then call the cops to report some creepy pervert in the theatre. And pretend not to know him when they showed up.