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Dear Rick, yes it is relative. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I have recently met a Brazilian man on line and thus far we have only talked via phone and sent a few pictures back and forth. That is what has led me here! I am American and completely agree with the description about the game player American men.

But not here to judge…. I have not dated a Brazilian man before , nor have I met any. Is it normal for him to already express such strong emotions after only 2 weeks? He is incredibly sexy by the way. Any advice would be great!!!

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Thanks for the post as well. It was very helpful! The 2 and 4 are little bit True, kk. This and much others things are showed in a wrong way for the world. Like the wild Forest with native indians all around or… the favelas. I, specially and amost all my friends didnt never like to dance… Just at partys of course, kkk. Its funny read what others cultures think about… I should probably do the same.

Im forget to say, Nossa! Relax girls, everyone is unique. I am a Brazilian man. But yes, a Brazilian man enjoys you cook for him. All Brazilian loves to dance? There are many shy people in Brazil. If you are pretty, yes, we will like introduce you for everybody, cause Brazil is the most vain country in the world. Well, I think you never meet a brazilian man before, you just dating with brazilians boys, there are a lot of difference between Men and Boys!

Hi Wesley, Thank you for your reply. Hi Nicholas, this is not meant to be offensive. My apologies for making you feel bad with this writing. There are a lot of guys like this around the world not just in Brazil. Thats so offensive… If you are going to talk about a culture you should know it first. Hi anonymous, This post is created in a funny and even flattering way to look at differences that for some might be recognizable.

I hope you can find a chance to read it again with a different mindset. Hi Renate, Im a 10 years old brazilian girl. I am sorry for calling ethnocentric, I didnt mean to offend you, I sorry. I am just saying you are helping to creat a single history. And a typed on Google Images and after 10 photos theres a photo with a link, which takes you to a site where you can find reasons to not date a brazilian. I really think you must be a good person, sorry again. Hi Renate, It is me again, i am so sorry for bothering you again. But i am not here ti say bad things. I actualy I saw the rest of your blog and I liked, but I want to make a suggestan.

All of these men were wonderful and they were all different. One of them displayed very few of the characteristics on this list, while the other 2 displayed more. They should take pointers from Brazilian guys! I also will never kiss a girl in public if I know that in her culture is different. Hi Brazil, thanks for your comment. But the most important: YES, we know exactly how to make you feel special and we are proud of it!

However, as a brazilian man myself, I must exclude numbers 2 and 5.

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Actually I love women that wear casual clothes and no make up at all A nice perfume on its own will definitely do the trick. As for cooking, I have a passion for it, so just let me do the honors at the kitchen. Perhaps is just part of the agree to disagree cultural difference. As for 4, how can that flattery be that bad? Hi I found brazil guys are sexy plus so nice and kind…. And id like to know..

Hello I would like to tell you that I am Brazilian and I do not generalize people, except that I live and live with men here, do not care about skin color, many of them like nice and humble people people like that we fall in love very fast type I clear hehehe but I do not generalize this because each one is each. He Sam, to good to be true? Brazilian women expect me to be like this. For example, sharing the bill is a taboo, Brazilian women never do that. The thing is that both Brazilians man and woman are machists.

In the year I traveled to the United States to do a year of internship in agronomic engineering. Even in Brazil, the people of Minas Gerais are known as those who receive and treat people better. Probably for every place you visit, you will be invited to talk and eat, everyone really cares if you are being welcomed and feeling good. It is common for me to stop my world if my girlfriend needs my help, I do not care how she dresses, whether she has money or not, I care to say every day that I love her, because without her, my Heart does not hit right.

I never had a boyfriend who expected me to cook, I love to dress sexy, but no too much. Never had a boyfriend complaining about my way to dress. I am truly curious to know what kind of man would be ideal in your opinion, or if you have any reason, at last, to have a relationship with a Brazilian? Sorry for this question…. I had a long relationship and have a child with a Brazilian man. A few of these points are true in his case but unfortunately I picked an evil chauvinist who preferred to lie and cheat.

He has so much love and respect for his mother but he abuses the mother of his own child. Vibrant and a pleasure to be around. Haha, I really dont like brazilian guys. I dont know, they just seen so shallow and body obsessed, without No depth the ones Ive met. I like more artistic and mysterious guys. I think all women like to be told they are beautiful. Hello, Sara, in almost every culture there are people with obssection about their body, and people that are not.

Here in brazil, it may depends in what city hi, or her was born. For the people that was born in RIO, they are more likely to have this kind of concern, because RIO its a beach City, everyone see each other with bath suits on the beach, so they try harder to look good and stuffs. We can not generalize one entire country. Maybe you are meeting brazilian guys in the wrong place. Very well said Thiago. RIO is about the beach and all its beauty. Beauty in the land and country and yes even the bodies.

I have dated a Brazilian guy recently. He was very friendly, sweet and affectionate. Well, however, the honeymoon was ended pretty quickly. What had happened to this man?? You really need to date a brazilian guy, my boyfriend loves my independence and he gave me pants and jeans in the Christmas, I almost never use dress and he like to much jeans. I am an American man. The country is absolutely beautiful. The people male and female are not only friendly, but truly beautiful inside and out.

Much of what this article states holds true even for a man to man relationship. I do say I have ended up cooking a lot, even brazilian dishes. I can out dance him any day. He has some moves but I would not say not the greatest dancer. He is attentive, protective, and always kind to me. I am planning another visit in the Spring of I loved your article! It was so funny and true! I started talking to a really handsome Brazilian guy and he told me he liked me at the first time we talked! I was so amazed but when i read comments and post!

Well i know i look ok and i will find a cute guy if i want to but he is so good to be true and he keeps asking for kiss! And it really helped me thanks! A tip for who are dating a brazilian: People really tend to be womanizers here both man and woman — I dont know the correct term to use for women. Even if they don't know how to cook. And you can totally use manly shirt, specially if it is his. D, but in the end is a good and funny post i just want to point that out. Just have a look here: Hi, thank you for posting this article. Learn some Portuguese today translation: Oi, muito obrigado por postar este artigo.

Such a grait article, thanks for making me leagh, my day was awfull. Actually there is just small and healthy rivalry; 7. I was surfing the internet and found your blog. I apologize if I looked thick, I just wanted to make these things clear, because the brasieliros are a little bit of everything on the list, but they do not exaggerate so much.

I am a brazilian woman. I lived in Brazil for 36 years and there are 2 possibilities for you: We brazilian like to kiss, hug, and we have a lot of affection. Because we are human, we like to love and beloved. Why is wrong to recieve affection in front of others? The nasty thought is in your HEAD. Hey…we like to be well dressed to go out. We like to dance. And not everybody like samba. Why dance is a bad thing? You are boring woman. No man in all world will like the way you think. And if someone man or woman is beautiful, why we can say it?

They can be gourgeous. But we are not desiring them. It is just beaty!

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Eu realmente gosto de fazer novos amigos e estou aberto a novas oportunidades. I am looking for people who speak English and that can help me in my learning. Anyone who wants to know me better can contact me on Facebook, it will be a pleasure for me to have this cultural exchange. I love public demonstration of affection. In general the girls here in Brazil dresses very well. When im commited i NEVER do that, and to be honest i wanted girls here had to be more straigh foward and independent like Americans, if they want a guy go to him and talk to him….

We are in not in This poit was the most ridicoulous. We do that when we are drunk and having fun, in some party, the same thing Americans and Europeans do when they are drunk and having fun…. Gramarr mistakes, English mistakes… etc. If i were writting about your country with such misinformation,would you like it? That prooves our deep inferior feeling in relation to other countries,very shamefull.

You call brazilian men macho but what men in the first world is? I have never seen brazilian men being considered sexual tourits,but americans and europeans are. We dont have strip clubs and brothels almost everywhere but America does. Now tell,me where is the macho man? Very difficult to believe that the rest of the world sees us this way, no dance, no samba, and most of the people here hate carnival.

Brazil is too big to choose between just two cities.. I lovedddddd your post! You simply described me. But there is one thing that is wrong! And I bet you had THE best moments of your life dating brazilian men. I am married to a Brazilian man… he is also for sale! This was cute and funny. Although my husband knows not to expect me to cook every meal. Well I want to go to Brazil as soon as I graduate anyways, so either way it should work out.

My gut tells me that I should go for it with him, but I just have these small doubts in the back of my mind that are bugging me because this is such a big decision. Do you think trying to pin him down on the situation too soon is a bad idea? Even God is not wise enough to make the right decision when it comes to marriage…. If God appears now and you ask all these questions , he will give a …. Thanks for all the advice!! Before you go to live with him or just to get married, do your best to find another reason for living in Brazil, like doing a pos-grad or something.

Then worry about the other stuff.. If all else fails you can just hang out here. You need a life and friends aside from your boyfriend and his family, just as you would where you are now. Plus I loved Brasil so much when I was there anyways! Rather than moving straight to Brazil, spend a couple of months in a temporary position in the US to build up a nest egg before moving. Even living together, you will want to have your financial independence to some extent and if you check around the site, Im sure youll see that it takes some time to build up a steady income.

Leave some of your savings at home, untouched and accessible by someone you trust. Look around on easy quarto or sites like that and figure out how much 2months of cheap living would be where you are going, and add another grand for a plane ticket home. If you put it in an account you have access to, you will use it when things get tight but not bad. But be smart and keep a backup plan. All of this is a little risky, but with a little luck hopefully it will be lots of fun and lots of love!!!

Very risky from your standpoint. IF I were you, I would get a tourist visa, and come here with a friend. A few cultural rules to remember: So how would you like to come here to find out that he a girlfriend already? Either way, best of luck to you.

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This is fairly anonymous, so feel free to post whatever happens. I hate to use that word because it is abused. But do you honestly think 4 months is enough? Gringos are still wearing the rosy-brazil-is-the-best-country-in-the-world glasses during that time. Still, for a woman, especially a young girl, caution is advised. Call me sexist, but women typically have more to lose than men. I just wanted to point out that the OP is not a non-Portuguese-speaking complete newcomer to the country. That does make a big difference, IMHO. I would not under any circumstances marry this guy too soon!

That is my biggest advice. If this is your intention to go there and move in and get married…why? What is the rush? Why not just live there on your tourist visa and see how things work or even if they work at all. I would spend a lot of time with him and make sure this is the person you think you want to be with and all that. Sure, even then things can go wrong…but at least I can say I tried to be cautious. I actually have several girlfriends that I talk to on a regular basis that are from the same place my boyfriend is and I know the family that I nannied for while I lived there.

As far as questioning my portuguese…how do you think I keep in touch with all of these people on a multiple time a week basis without speaking close to fluent portuguese? I actually speak fluent spanish as well. I also am going on a tourist visa since a work visa is basically impossible to get. You advice was pretty much negative and not helpful.

On another note, thank you everyone else for the positive feed back. Obviously we need to spend much more time together before I would do anything too drastic. On the other hand, I would be shocked if I ended up finding out he was saying all this to me just to tell me what I want to hear or make me happy.

Either way, boyfriend or not, I want to go back to Brasil so it will be fine…but hopefully it works out!! I was just advising that you use some serious caution. I hope nothing bad happens to you. Good luck as you will need it these far away long distance relationships are very difficult, not to mention the cross cultural expectations. Some work, most crash and burn. We definitely do not have a monogamous relationship while apart…I think that would be very unrealistic for us both and make the relationship more annoying than anything.

I wish I were able to operate like that emotionally…. I admire people who are though, sure makes life easier. I try to be a very open person. Monogamy was something created by religion and society, but as much as I would love for it not to affect me, it does. I have no doubt that whatever you decide, it will serve you well. Wondering how serious the relationship is, is a bad bad sign. This should have already been established.

That just sets him up to think this type of behavior is ok. It is extremely difficult! See if his attitude changes then. Anyway, at times I can sound a bit harsh, but it is all in good faith. There are frickin mammals out there who are completely monogamous just as there are mammals out there that are homosexual. But yes, there was once a point in time I too thought Brazil was thee best land ever!

I want my glasses back! This whole thing about a guy wanting to marry an American so he can get the hell out of Brazil is usually something from the lower classes. In addition to the month off and 13th salary they live in a relatively uncompetitive society that favors whiteness where if they are even halfway competent they will have a job. Something not guaranteed in the USA. Before you even get into the discussion of being or not faithful, think about this. Since your willing to marry him, why not move to america and make a better living for himself, is he too lazy to learn good english?

Yes I am planning on going to Floripa, that would be so funny if you knew him. From what I saw when I was in Brazil its not that uncommon for people to keep living with their parents until they get married or have a good reason to move out. He owns a business in Floripa thats doing pretty decent and he is taking English lessons. I feel like people are jumping to a lot of conclusions here. He seemed really shocked that I was unsure before. Anyways, thanks for all of the input.

I think I know what I am going to do now! Oh and thanks for the tip about the apartment! I am just going to live with him and his mom when I very first arrive for a couple of weeks until I can get my feet on the ground and get my own place. Anyways, I will post how this all ends up working out later on, but wish me luck!!

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I feel like for the most part people on this site tend to think everything is impossible, every Gringa trying to go to Brazil is stupid, and that everyone should be doubted. I understand that caution is necessary and not everyone can be trusted. I know I was insecure and unsure, looking for advice when I posted this, but since then I have had many conversations, done lots of research, and have had a lot of positive developments on planning my Brazil trip. That said, thanks for all of the advice, it has all helped me in some way! Everything is possible and if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen.

I am lucky to have a great Brazilian guy in my life and I am so optimistic about my future. If you guys want to keep posting about this, go for it! But I think I know what I am doing and I am done here. Thanks again for the advice!! Give love a chance. Never tell anyone about your savings. Family members will always have a story as to why they need your money. Tell them you have no money. Brazil is much tougher than you can imagine for a gringa not fluent in portuguese.

Even when you learn the language it is still a difficult place. Your plan of going there to test the waters with a tourist visa sounds good to me. Pleas share with us how it goes. Yet people keep insisting she does not. Lots of us, including me, come to Brazil as a result of relationships and do very well. She is baaaaaaack Women are so predictable. After having been married for 15 years and had an ex husband cheat on me, now I could care less if I ever marry again. And we all know in Brazil how sex is like the number two obsession right after soccer.

LOL As far as everything else, you are young! Go for it and enjoy the ride using common sense along the way. LOL Please keep those of us who want to know, how it is going. Actually, it looks like sex and football are tied in Brazil. I will keep you posted: I will post how it all turns out…should be interesting for all of us!!! Wish me lots of luck and love!!! Lizza, best of luck and hope that it works out for you. We are not that bad and jaded, most of us are big softies like Gringodude BorisG Hey Lizza, I hope and think that this looks like the real deal.

I plan on moving to Brazil after college also. Boa Sorte e Abracos! Oh no… there is one joining every month. Also, the school I will be working for asked me if there is any chance I am interested in marrying someone brazilian yet…which I thought was a weird question. Anyone else have this experience? If anyone could shed some light on that one it would be much appreciated! In the end each party walks away with permanent residency and you make some on the side.

Festas juninhas will definitely be in order: Read on fi you find yourself attracted to Brazilian men…. Brazilian men have no qualms about approaching a woman whom they find attractive. In fact, they go up to almost any woman who catches their eye. They will start talking to you and paying you attention physically by touching you and kissing your cheeks. After a while, maybe as little as five minutes they will try to kiss you on the lips. Of course, not all Brazilian men are that forward, especially not if they are living abroad and know that the speed of getting to the first kiss is a bit slower, but expect that a Brazilian man who is interested in you will try to make out with you sooner rather than later.

Brazilian men love women and they will show the women just how much they appreciate them, from the moment they lay eyes on them! Only when a Brazilian man tell you that you are exclusive or boyfriend girlfriend namorar , which often happens relatively fast, will you know he has some more serious intent with you. The Brazilian dating culture is different from the American one in that most Brazilians decide to become exclusive right off the bat.

It takes them a week to figure out if they have worthwhile chemistry with a person and from then on they will be exclusive with them. That, on the other hand does not mean they are looking for a super serious relationship. Some want fun forever, some want fun right now. Fidelity on the whole is less strict than in America, but this is of course individual too. There are people who see faithfulness different in every town. If you expect your man to always be faithful, you will have to discuss that to make sure you are on the same page.

If other men try to flirt with them in front of them, they do not take it lightly. If you are a couple in Brazil you tend to attend most social functions together. Brazilian men love flirting with women so if a woman shows up alone, they will do so. Brazilians are often close with their families and will introduce you to them right off the bat.

They simply want to share that part of their life with you as it is a big part of their life. Public displays of affection are not unusual in Brazil. So be prepared for a man who will cuddle and kiss you in public! You can find her somewhere between Cape Town, London and L. He compliments me all the time, we are making out and even had sex together. So how do I know what his intentions are? Your best option is to speak with him about your thoughts and feelings.

Be direct with your question. It is important for you to determine what your partner wants for the future of this relationship.

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He should share himself with you. Nourish this relationship by spending additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Jenny! I just want to ask… I met a brazilian man online and I can feel that he really likes me. We chatted a couple of days now. And he is very affectionate he kisses me on video call. Then I felt something.

I really like the guy, after that he ask me if did come after we talk. I got pissed and tell him not to continue that topic and he says that its just a question you can answer thag by yes or no. And I really want him to see me as a decent woman.. Your feelings are appropriate and valid. Each person has a different line of what they believe is acceptable conversation. You will find benefit in determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Decide what you believe is appropriate. Share your thoughts and feelings with him. He may not have been aware that his actions were offensive to you, though he should be more discerning with his behavior, as it is inappropriate to do so without consent.

Have a great day, Niis! Is it normal for a Brazilian man to flirt while he has a girlfriend? If so, is it also ok that while he has a girlfriend he tells me that he likes me? Other members of our community may be able to give you specific examples regarding Brazilian men, but do not allow cultural judgments color your view of each individual person. Some people are willing to cheat on their partners and others are not willing to do so.

Determine what kind of person you want to establish a relationship with. Do not attempt to harm his current relationship. Have a great day, Kiki! I m datting a Sao Paulo, braziilain man. It went super fast. He told me exactly what he likes about me very early, he introduced me to his family right away, showers me with compliments all the time.

He jealous and possessive which i can deal with and kind of like. I looked up this article in the first place to understand him. Oh and he loves public affection. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. We always appreciate supportive and positive comments from our community. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future.

Have a great day, Zarrah! Can you tell me the ways a Brazilian man flirt? He even knows my name. It is possible that he feels a social connection with you. He may be interested in developing a relationship with you.