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Welcome to the dating site for Teachers, Professors, and Educators! Meet single teachers in your local area at TeacherFriendsDate.

Teacher Tries To Get With Her 13 Year Old Student!!

We have single professors, single lecturers, and single Teachers from all over the world here looking for dating. Best of all this is a ad partner site which means the whole teachers dating site and service is free of cost!

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Teachers like to date other teachers so they have someone else that has off during the summer months with them. We built the teachers dating site for teachers to be simple and easy to use on the go to save you time and money. She knows the ropes. The question is how is Sarah going to connect with like-minded foreign teachers for a few rounds of the dating game? And then after a fine meal and several glasses of extortionately priced wine, one of you whispers "your one-bedroom studio or mine?

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Seriously though, what advice do you have for Sarah? Is she worrying too much? Anyone with experience of playing the farang dating game? Give us your thoughts and comments. Post a Comment no sign-in required. More Bangkok Phil articles.

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By Kanadian, Jiangxi, China 13th February Re Tim; Simply have them complete brief bios, complete with e-mail and phone number. If they want to activate their post, they have to confirm their info via phone, which would make it fairly simple to determine if they were a teacher and of what nationality, ex.

Brits can identify their countrymen over the phone in 2. If a few well educated and fluent, well travelled Thais enter, that's ok, no need to be as exclusive and xenophobic as some Thais have been known to be.

I'd say your friend Sarah is pretty much in the wrong place for finding a Western guy. Of course, there are tons of Western guys here in Thailand, but if I were a woman, any woman from any hemisphere, my guess is that they find the pickings to be very slim with regard to good catches. Western guys come to Thailand to party and live fantasies they can never have at home.

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Maybe this isn't true for teachers, but the appeal and lure is there, even for them. If a guy wanted a Western girl for his fantasy, he'd go to a European country or America if looking for verbal abuse only. To answer the real question: She could join one of the dating websites, like Tagged, and work if from there.

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  • Most foreign men after sometime with a Thai blood sucker get bored of the BS. There are many reasons why western men flock to Thailand but one is definitely not to date western female teachers.

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    Tim the best way i can think of is, photos are mandatory. It can be traced via email address, EG somkit hotmail is a Thai national. As I was thinking every bar girl, once they found the site would be looking for additional suggar daddies.. The first concern I would have about this website is how to keep the local Thais off of it. Once they discover it, there is little chance of keeping them out. However, I think the website is a great idea.

    There is always a market for things like this.

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    It would be great to meet another like-minded person, preferably a teacher so we can talk shop all the time, discuss lesson plans and rowdy students in bed and exchange our favourite ESL websites. We could discuss world politics, the local education system and maybe the work of Kierkegaard while we're at it. My God this is starting to sound like a nightmare. Why don't male teachers just move to Thailand while females move to Jamaica?

    BTW, odd years ago there was no Internet and believe it or not, people still managed to find a partner! We've been married for 28 years!! Dragonlady30 , Jun 4, Sillow , peggylu , sabrinakat and 4 others like this. Thanks for all your advice Lilaclady. I promise to not expect all the men to look like Dev Patel and be realistic. I hadn't thought of my non-negotiables but will consider these during my insomniac hours tonight! Thank you too emerald52 , i will do! I'd be terrified if I had to start dating again!

    Dangers of online dating as a teacher

    Laphroig , peggylu and deleted member like this. It IS terrifying but the kids are always out these days and it's just me and The Archers which is just tragic when I'm not even 50 yet! Online dating is fun. You can be yourself or anyone you want to be I know loads of couples who met and married through a dating site. BelleDuJour , Jun 4, We used to have a dating thread on here many, many years ago! Doubt if anyone else can remember it.

    A friend of mine made it into a long standing occupation, looking for a partner on dating sites. We used to invite him round extra often to hear the latest, just for the anecdotal value, and, according to my OH, mainly out of plain jealousy. The problem, he said, was to arrive at an actual date, a face to face meeting, you had to go through stages of anticipation, expectation, starting from sifting online and then each time in his case, ending up confronted with disappointment.

    He had in mind marriage! But in the end he grew weary of the pain