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Some newspapers, magazines and other. The return of Texas currency. For Hollywood's most determined practical joker, April Fools comes days a year. Here, to celebrate George Clooney's 57th birthday, are 15 of his most memorable pranks, including some that he worked on for years. Top 10 list of good pranks to play on friends and family. If you were looking for the article about the toy, then see Whirly Brain. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick get hooked on the latest fad — flying your own brain like a tiny drone. Teeth Games for Girls - Girl Games. Play Teeth Games made just for girls!

New Teeth Games are added every week. This app is full of neat and fun ideas for you to use on April Fools Day! Almost 70 different suggestions!

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April Fools' Day - Wikipedia. April Fools' Day sometimes called All Fools' Day is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. Okay, fine fine, Google's April Fool's Day pranks are. April Fools' Day is the only 'fake news' day that's almost welcome. And one of the longstanding masters of the tech prank, Google, is at it again with a fresh batch of trickery.

April Fools' Day Knol was updated so that all of the featured articles were about Artificial Intelligence, with a message from CADIE indicating that this "improvement" was for the good of mankind. The presentation can be seen in the video on YouTube , and includes slightly customized Wikipedia images from the article Oil tanker , including a retouched photo of commercial oil tanker AbQaiq and the oil tankers side view graphic. Even though Google did apply for a US patent to build data centers on cargo ships [74] and oil cooling is an existing technology, summit attendee James Hamilton believed this topic to be an April Fools joke.

Then, on April 1 April Fools' Day , Google jokingly announced that it would be changing its name to Topeka, to "honor that moving gesture" and changed its home page to say Topeka in place of the Google logo. Google books introduced a feature which allows any book to be read in 3D, assuming the viewer has appropriate glasses. It was enabled by clicking the "View in 3D" button in the menu bar above the book. This feature was removed after April 1, but on June 29, , Google announced its restoration. Google announced [78] that Google Docs will have the capacity to upload anything , including physical objects like keys, remote controls, etc.

Google's search results page displayed the time taken to load the results in different units from seconds. Several of these are pop culture references, as with 1. The notice also remarked on the source of this new "feature," wishing the reader a happy April Fool's Day. However, in accordance with the announcement, the video quality on many videos was indeed able to be set to 'TEXTp' and video output was rendered through an ASCII filter. This feature was removed on April 2, Google placed a link on the main page, advertising a new Google Animal Translator service to add to their Language Translator service.

Clicking the link would take the user to a page advertising an app for Android phones for the translator, with the tagline being "Bridging the gap between animals and humans". Once the app is installed on an Android phone, it provides some amusing translations depending on the animal selected. Google placed a New! Standard Voicemail Mode [82] link in the Google Voice main page. If an evildoer is "detected", the code returns with, among other things, "For Great Justice", a quotation from the video game Zero Wing.

Google Wave can be set to have a human being waved at by the user [85] to notify the user of a change to a Google Wave. The user can also select the volume of the human notifier from a list of silent, medium, loud and vibrate. They can also select which human notifier they want, including Ashton Kutcher, Dr. Wave, Grandma, Werner Heisenberg, and Puppy. Clicking on any of the links on the new notifications page redirected the user to a Google help page, alerting them that it was an April Fools' joke, but also that email notifications are possible.

The Google Annotations Gallery "GAG" is an exciting new Java open source library that provides a rich set of annotations for developers to express themselves. The English-language home page of Gmail , including its logo, was disemvowelled. A post on the Gmail blog was created to address the issue, claiming that they had encountered a server error which firstly made the data centers fail to render the vowel 'a' before failing to render the vowels, and were working on the problem.

They also claimed to be investigating whether the letter 'y' was impacted. Google created a new extension, Chrome Sounds, [88] after "months deep in psychoacoustic models, the Whittaker-Nyquist-Kotelnikov-Shannon sampling theorem, Franssen effects, Shepard-Risset Tones, and For a few interesting sounds, try going to different countries' localized Google pages.

The full list of sounds that this extension makes can be found by going to the Chrome Tools menu, choosing Extensions, turning on developer mode, and viewing the source of the extension. Google decided that hits really is the only metric for tracking web site usage. Google offered an option which allows the user to print life-size cardboard cutouts of all of their photos. Google announced [92] a reward program for Google Reader, known as ReaderAdvantage, in which they would assign points to users depending on the number of items read on Google Reader.

The rewards were different badges. Wingdings was announced as a new font option for AdSense users.

A button was added to the video player which, when clicked, would apply a video filter to the video and replace the audio with a recording of Rhapsody Rag , a piece typically played as background music to silent movies in If subtitles are enabled when watching the video, intertitles will be displayed containing the dialogue. The upload page also featured an option to "send a horse-drawn carriage to me to pick [the video] up".

A body gesture oriented way to send and view mail through Gmail. In the "How it Works" Section it reads "Gmail Motion uses your computer's built-in webcam and Google's patented spatial tracking technology to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands. Movements are designed to be simple and intuitive for people of all skill levels. Upon clicking the "Try Gmail Motion" button, it explains to the user about the prank, and says "Gmail Motion doesn't actually exist. At least not yet A YouTube video [99] was posted by Google showing a "Google Autocompleter" employee explaining the job.

Also, a job opening was featured for an "Autocompleter. Google Chrome launched a new website called "Chromercise", which aims to increase people's hands' strength and dexterity while browsing the web faster, and also allowing their hands to fit "into sleeker, sexier gloves". On the website, they also gave away free Google Chrome finger sweatbands for a limited time. Next year's April Fool's joke has been postponed until the year following that.

The site is written in Simplified Chinese. It claims that it can take the user on a journey through time and space in first-person. Searching for "helvetica", [] "comic sans", [] or "comic sans ms" [] temporarily changed the entire webpage's font to Comic Sans.

11 April Fools' Day Jokes From Google

Announcement that Comic Sans will become the default font for all Google products. Google also created a Google Chrome extension which changes the font to Comic Sans on all webpages. There was a toggle button that switched to human models. There is also a narwhal [] in the Thames in London, outside Millbank Tower. The Loch Ness monster also makes an appearance in 'Loch Ness'.

Google UK purportedly offered a version of Google Translate which could be used to talk with animals.

Google Killed Its Gmail April Fools' Prank After This Epic Fail - Newsy

AdWords announced a new format, Google Blimp Ads, that would be flying over major cities starting in May. On the Google Mobile Blog, Google announced a new mobile-based search option for Android and iOS devices which locates kittens near the user's current location. The blogging service Blogger announced that it was being acquired by Google, even though it has been part of Google since The version would be released in NES and Famicom versions the Famicom version would feature voice input by using the second controller's microphone.

In the meantime, Google added a "Quest" [] layer to the Maps website, which features 8-bit tile-based graphics and sprites on landmarks, both made by Google and by Square Enix using the Dragon Quest game series' graphics. Google's proposed improved keyboard based on the experience with Japanese input system from YouTube added a small disc on the right side of the YouTube logo, which when clicked leads to a page about a service called "The YouTube Collection".

It claimed to be an at-home experience of YouTube and made everything from videos to comments physical, including a postal mail commenting service. At the bottom of the website, it had a fake shipping form which after filled said "Your order has been placed. Due to heavy demand, your anticipated delivery date is: An underwater image search experience developed by Google China. Google added weather control to its weather search.

Chrome Multitask Mode makes it possible to browse the web with two or more mice at the same time. Clicking the "Try Multitask Mode" button initially creates one fake mouse that moves around the screen, and over time adds several more and at one point a giant cursor even appears. Google introduced the Elegantizr [] framework.

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To use it, one just needs to insert the following line of HTML:. Gmail Tap for Android and iOS doubles typing speed with a revolutionary new keyboard. Morse code "dash" and "dot", and a spacebar along with backspace. Selecting Download App for Your Phone [] produces the message: Gmail Tap is a bit too popular right now. We suggest you try downloading it again on April 2nd. You'll have to wait till April 2nd to download Gmail Tap. Check back next April 1st to see if it is available A link on the bottom of search results pages titled Really Advanced Search [] takes users to a search page where they can filter their search results by, among other things, subtext or innuendo, page font Comic Sans or Wingdings , loanword origin, or future modification date.

Clicking on the "Advanced Search" button to actually run the search query redirects users to search results for "April Fools".

Click-to-Teleport extensions [] allow potential customers to instantly teleport to the business location directly from a search ad in a matter of seconds. This teleportation technology shortens the "online-to-store" conversion funnel by providing searchers with an easy way to visit any business and convert. Solving the increasingly frustrating problem of accessing mobile internet on rotary phones across the US, Google is announcing GoRo.

Jargon-Bot [] instantly recognizes business terms and provides real-time, in-product jargon translation into plain English. Innovative remote control application for phone and tablet lets users interact with shows and movies as they are playing. Google introduced special Voice Communication Collars that fit around animal necks and use a series of sensors to record audio directly from animal vocal cords.

Using a WiFi network, audio messages are uploaded to Google Voice within seconds.

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Alternately, a tiny micro-LED emitter built into the collar can project a keyboard onto the floor, so the animal pet can tap its front paws to send text messages. To understand animal language, Google took their voicemail transcription engine and combined it with millions of adorable pet videos from the Internet, training it to translate cat meows or dog growls into English. Google revealed that dogs at Google offices go through the same detailed recruitment and hiring process by Canine Staffing Team as human Googlers do before being welcomed to the Googleplex.

While currently users can only get a partial picture of website visitor location, Google Analytics is expanding beyond Earth by announcing new Analytis Interplanetary Reports to help users understand visitor activities from neighboring stars and planets. Users will also be able to drill down on each planet to see greater detail, e. Kanye West bugdroid appeared in the Play Music Store.

While searching anything, "Did you mean: Beyonce" came up every time. Google released a video [] on YouTube claiming it invented an edible fiber which could "take feedback from the body, determine which nutrients are needed and target delivery to the specific organs that need those nutrients. The video actually links to Google Fiber , a broadband internet service by Google. In YouTube's sixth April Fools' prank, YouTube joined forces with The Onion , a newspaper satire company, by claiming that it will "no longer accept new entries".

YouTube began the process of selecting a winner on April 1, and would delete everything else. YouTube would go back online in to post the winning video and nothing else. They also broadcast a live ceremony in which two "submission coordinators" continuously read off the titles and descriptions of random videos the "nominees" for twelve straight hours, claiming they would do hold the same ceremony every day for the next two years. Google Maps allows the user to start a treasure hunt by selecting the "Treasure" view from the top right.

Google Maps notes that the "system may not be able to display at higher resolutions than paper print" and that the user should "take care when unfolding the map to avoid ripping it. While in this mode, Pegman is replaced with a telescope, thus giving the effect of looking through an old telescope when using Street View. The addition of an "Add new awesome application" button. Google introduces a new Japanese input system.

A brief pause confirms the current letter and advances the cursor to begin entering the next one. The name "Patapata" likely references a Japanese word for Split-flap display , onomatopoeically dubbed "Patapata-shiki" for its distinctive fluttering sound when updating. There also exists Patapon , where "Pata" is one of the sounds made with a drum; "pata-pata-pata-pon" happens to be one of the first rhythms the game teaches the user.

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Gmail is now the color blue. Google SCHMICK allows the user to redesign his or her street viewed house so that the user can "fly the Australian flag" outside the user's house []. Google Fiber to the Pole provides ubiquitous gigabit connectivity to fiberhoods across Kansas City. This latest innovation in Google Fiber technology enables users to access Google Fiber's ultra fast gigabit speeds even when they are out and about.

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The mobile ATM device easily attaches to most smartphones and dispenses money instantly and effortlessly — forever ending the user's search for the nearest bank or ATM. The Google Wallet Mobile ATM technology allows the user to enter the amount of money he or she want to withdraw directly to a phone or use voice-activated dispenser. Google introduces the Levity Algorithm in Google Apps to help users spice up even the most boring of work days.