Dating an asexual guy

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I have read some vaguely similar comments on the sub before on the subject. It looks like intimacy is too important and asexuals are relegated to friendship status. Is this the way it has to be? I wouldn't because I'm not asexual, but I am positive that there are asexual women in the world. We're best friends, we're totally in love, and life is perfect. We're moving in together in about two months. Also, the Aven forums are awesome places for support and advice on how to keep going through hard times and stress.

Could you explain how he's able to stay with you if you two don't have sex even though you said he's sexual? Asexual means I'm not sexually attracted to anything or anyone. I never get turned on by anything, and I never have a craving for sex. I could go the rest of my life without ever having sex. That being said, I am all about hugging and cuddling and kissing and stuff. I'm way into closeness and physical contact. I'm still totally capable of having sex, and I'll do it every once in a while because he enjoys it.

He makes it fun for me, though, knowing I don't really get much out of it. So he makes a point to keep me laughing, and we have a lot of fun, quoting Star Wars at each other or making horrible punny jokes or talking in weird accents the whole time. But sex isn't a frequent thing for us, and it isn't and has never been an issue between us. Sex isn't the be-all-and-end-all of a relationship. Just like if a man with E. Or what about married couples with kids who just never seem to have any alone time, following the whole trope of "I'm married now so I guess I'm never getting laid ever again!

Sorry, I was under the impression asexual meant you just were absolutely disinterested in anything sexual, like cuddling or kissing! I could see how that works out. Good on both of you for being so cooperative, I wish you the best! You aren't fucked, there are plenty of people out there that can't or won't or don't want to have sex, from asexuals to people waiting 'til marriage to those with health concerns to those who aren't asexual but also don't place sex on a high priority, to those who have taken vows of chastity.

A sexual relationship is mandatory for me and I'm monogamous so it's not like I could just go elsewhere. Only if it was an open relationship where I could also date and have sex with someone else. I have a really high libido. Things didn't work out between me and an asexual woman I really liked due to libido incompatibility a while back.

Sex is incredibly important to me and absolutely necessary in a relationship for me. Sex is too important and I enjoy it too much. I don't think you're fucked though. You'll probably find it more difficult to find a partner, but it's not impossible. There are asexual women out there.

Also, I'm not monogamous, so dude would have to know that I'm getting my sexual needs met with other people.

I need intimacy in a relationship, and a healthy happy sexlife tends to bring me closer to my partner. I've never been the romantic type, so flowers and candles that wouldn't woo me or make me feel a deeper bond. I would be incompatible with someone who was asexual.

Then again, I'm not representative of every woman out there. I'm sure there are ladies who feel rather like you do, or have their own reasons for shying away from sex. I don't think it will be impossible for you to find a romantic partner It's just more challenging. I'm sure you can find an asexual or low drive female.

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I don't see the point in anything beyond friendship. I couldn't because then I'd be depriving myself of something I enjoy. No one should have to do that. The physical and sexual aspects of relationships are extremely important to me. I crave that kind of attention. At my friends school she met four. Try going to lgbt places is my advice. Go to first unread. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 1.

As an asexual woman in a relationship with someone who identifies as heterosexual who is also a man , I'm in a pretty good position compared to a lot of the other people in the asexual community. I'm interested in whether any of you would date asexual people, and if not, why not? Would you be interested in a relationship with one further down the line? Is sex an important part of a relationship for you? Would you be comfortable never having sex in a romantic relationship, or waiting a long time to do so, especially as a teenager?

Dating an Asexual

What about if you were married? If you are also asexual, would you ever date a sexual person? Do you think you could find someone who would be willing to accommodate you and what you need and don't want from a relationship? Please take the time to read up on what asexuality is if you're not sure - just to eliminate any preconceptions you might have: There may not be many of us, but we do exist. Also, I'm not here to answer personal questions about my relationship, and if I do have sex or not.

That isn't important, and frankly, it's my own business, not yours. Report 1 year ago 2. I'm a little unsure on this. I'm heterosexual but since I started on the pill a couple of years ago, I noticed a drop in my sex drive. When I met my boyfriend and we were physically together, the presence of him made my sex drive return to normal, but because we are long-distance, I'm just not that interested in being sexual more than once or twice a month.

This is why I'm unsure, because I'm not a very sexual person. I'm happy to go without being sexual for a month, yet I still have that desire for it so I'm not sure if I could be with someone asexual, because I would still want some occasionally. Report 1 year ago 3.

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As a hetero man, I would. Download from Apple or Google Play. Report 1 year ago 4. It feels like asexual people view others as super horny individuals who want sex all the time and always act on attraction. I think millions of people are actually asexual, they just haven't thought about putting a label on it or thought they were different. If anything, it would be nice and fun to have a relationship with less sex and more just enjoying each other's company.

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But I don't feel the need to label myself as anything - I am who I am. Original post by EllieCeeJay As an asexual woman in a relationship with someone who identifies as heterosexual who is also a man , I'm in a pretty good position compared to a lot of the other people in the asexual community.

Report 1 year ago 5. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 6. Original post by Anonymous I'm a little unsure on this. Report 1 year ago 7. No, how is that possible for someone who wants sexual contact and someone who doesn't? Report 1 year ago 8. Original post by EllieCeeJay The pill is associated with low sex drive - so if you did want to regain that then it would be as simple as switching contraceptives maybe to a non-hormonal one?

They can all affect you in different ways. I understand what you mean, though - I think for people that do want or need to be sexual it's quite a challenge. Although, some asexual people are chill with having sex, although maybe just occasionally, and you can still have a sex drive and be asexual too. Report 1 year ago 9. Report Thread starter 1 year ago