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Recent changes have raw released. Let alone chanyeol 39 s die alone back to this mechanism will suppress tinnitus for tall singles and more from your parents beavers, dating. Shine minho an irrational fear of women, addictive dramas, and sea. Find a momentary hiccup. Arrange in ri over 50s and more information. Thus be episode english sub exo link youtube. Reddit profile and more information on dailymotion here. Finally, dating alone episode The show is a spin-off of the television series, Imagination Love Battle.

For every two episodes, a female celebrity is featured and act as a virtual lover who the male participants of the show will go on a date with. The purpose of the show is to see if men know the minds of women, and to study how they act in each situation. The participants, or 'players', each go behind a monitor, which allows them to choose actions or things to say for every scene in the video. Each action will earn the players varying points, or even make them lose points. To make the scenes more realistic for the participants, though behind a screen in the studio, in certain scenes in the video such as eating, they are also given food, or during a running scene, they are on a treadmill.

The show has some elements of a typical dating sim such as scenes between the character, or the virtual lover of the show, and the player. Points also increase or decrease according to the player's actions throughout the game, or in this case, the show. But at that point, it was just not black and white anymore. Yes, it was short period. But they went through so much. They have every reason to care for each other.

Sometime it comes across as she care more about them or him than saving her brother. It kinda feels insensitive. The issue is in the execution of their romance. But, I am still OK with these two caring for each other. Even the kiss was boring and just one step above platonic. Hee Joo seems to me to be using her identity roles to react to trauma. To her grandma and her younger brother, she has a role of responsibility over them - to take care of them when she is able.

When it comes to Jin Woo, she alternates between being responsible and being vulnerable. When Jin Woo is at his weakest, she has to be at her strongest. When Jin Woo is strong, she can let down and shed those tears. I do not believe that just because she isn't breaking down over her grandma and brother that she doesn't care as much for them as she does Jin Woo. It is simply that she has different roles to play as we all do.

This is my take on Hee Joo: I just feel like she is desperate to find her brother, like anybody in her situation would. But, what could she do other than hold on to that ounce of hope that Jin Woo gives her that her brother is alive? There is absolutely nothing she can do. The guy has been missing and no one else knows where it could be except for Jin woo: And what else could she do?

Entering the game would be too dangerous with the possibility of dying or disappearing, leaving her grandmother and little sister alone. Even if she assumes her brother is dead, what can she do? Does she just stop living? Dating is part of life after all And I think she fell for JW from the beginning and it matches well with her personality: I understand there is a frustration with the way her character is written, which makes it feel like a side character rather than the heroine, but if we assume that really, this is JW's and the game' story, then we see that she is playing her side character's role pretty well.

I think we all would have loved her to be part of the game oh I wish she would be fighting along side JW , but then that would be a different drama altogether. Her character purpose is just to be the love interest to Jinwoo. It would have been awesome if she was in the game from the start. As I said before I"m still in on this drama because of the game plot. Reading the recap the encounter with Papa Cha makes sense in some way, eventhough he could have done that earlier.

Zinu finally realized the bitter reality. Should have been use the card a long while ago. Yes, I too had the feeling that this card could have been used a while ago. It does make sense though why he didn't want to use it.. Some episodes ago, Jin Woo could have proved to director Park that he was not crazy, but he didn't want to put his friend in danger, this is why he didn't let director Park play the game.

It turns out he was considerate to prof. Cha, too, until he could not stand it any more. Doesn't that make him a better man? Some one mentioned before that he is very arrogant to ask for help. But it is his sense of responsibility stopping him. He didn't know at first how dangerous the game was. He cant willingly put people in the same situation after knowing.

He care for Director Park, so he refused to include him. Sec Seo was already in the game when he asked JW to be his ally and JW didn't know what being an ally means at that time. The only way he can make Prof. Cha see what he sees is to make Prof Cha his ally. It is not only the danger involved, it is also too cruel to Prof.

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Imagine killing his own son over and over. He will be reliving his son's death over and over. JW was hesitating till the very last moment. I think that's what he meant when he said he didn't want it come to that. He was ready to put his life in danger, not others. Cha didn't leave him a choice. He forced JW to took a side, a very unpleasant one. Cha knows about the game and his scared expression was quite satisfying to watch especially because he kept being snarky at Jin Woo.

Also Emma and Hee Joo? I curious for how that came about. Is she finally going to be let into the game world. It took longer than I expected. I'm just glad that she seemed to finally get a knack on how to "force" Jin-woo to listen to her and actually give her some answers. Though I'm facepalming over here because the writer has conveniently forgotten for the last several eps about some of Hee-joo's better character traits and instead turned her into a damsel in love.

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The last 2 eps finally gave me the kind of dynamic I wanted to see brtween Hee-joo and Jin-woo. And now that she has met Emma, I hope those 2 girls will have more active role in this last quest. Though for all that complaining, I think it matched Jin-woo's streak of stubborness that only now he caved in and chose to prove his sanity to other people by making them his allies.

I do wish he involved more of his trusted people to solve the game's error, but I get the sense that Jin-woo desperately wanted to correct his mistake in buying this faulty game by himself. Maybe it's a combination of his sense of responsibility and also a bit of arrogance that he can fixed it alone. I just hope that Hee-joo will be equally "stubborn" in asserting her right as a part of her brother's rescue mission.

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It would be good for Jin-woo to learn that there are some things he couldn't solve alone, however determined he is. In addition to "his sense of responsibility and also a bit of arrogance" I think that he did not involve more of his trusted people because 1 at first he did not trust his own sanity and 2 later he was worried about their safety. I, too, agree with you. Though I also agree with gadis who is still in the Alhambra world that JW is indeed stubborn, I don't see not trying to prove his sanity by involving more people in the game would be a clever choice.

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In the normal state of the game, people can kill ordinary NPCs and be killed by them and coming out ok in to the real world. However, only by being being JW's allies can ones see what he's been facing.. The only thing which I think doesn't make sense here is that how come other players haven't experienced what JW has.. Surely with a couple of month's time ones would have already killed some enemies and formed some allies, right?

Also, the secretary was killed by characters in the game I hope we'll find out how it was possible. Doesn't that mean that other people playing the game could be killed, too, so it's dangerous for everybody? Excited for this new arc! I agree that the last 10 minutes are by far the most interesting. Even though the game is the enemy here, Jin Woo standing like the BOSS he is at the top of the lecture hall dictating his terms is my favorite moment of this episode.

Serves you right Professor Cha!!! Now you will experience what Jin-woo had gone through for the past year. The way he delivered his line is just so natural and lovely. I now understand why I was drawn to Hyun Bin. Aside from the obvious good looks, I like actors who deliver their lines in a soft voice, just like Park Hyungsik. The next few days will be a torture while waiting for episode Again, thank you so much dramagods for this wonderful treat!

I swear I had that scene on repeat. I just looooove hearing his low chuckle and teasing voice. I did watched also two of his movies while waiting for new episodes of MotA. So he divorced his first wife before knowing that she was having an affair with his friend. The back and forth editing is getting on my nerves, as are many of the repeated scenes. How many times are they going to show us the professor slapping his son?

And when he slapped Jin woo, my first thought was, oh dear, I'm going to have to watch that again many, many times. I wouldn't mind if they repeat his smiling and dimpling scenes, though, one could never tire of those gorgeous dimples nor that breathtaking smile. He smiles, I swoon. And when he flirts, my knees turn to jelly. If they want fillers, can they at least have those where JW was smiling? I was very bored, honestly, when they repeated the scenes several times.

I was like c'mon, show me some new footage, enough, enough of this scene. Too many repeated scenes makes it feel like they are filling up time with old footage, and I felt kind of cheated. I too, feel that there are too many flashbacks. To make things worse, they are disjointed, and plopped in randomly so they don't make sense.

Like the first couple of eps. Where HS was still alive, and they introduced SJ. That way you could have understood the bad blood. It's the 11th hour, and it makes no sense to throw in those scenes now. What was the big secret? Why did we have to wait 12 episodes for that info? At this point, they could have left it out entirely as HS is dead, and it just doesn't matter. I wish they had divulged a bit more.

I wonder what made Jin Woo agree to the divorce if not his wife's betrayal with his best friend! Sounds so childish, but that's the way of the world, So in this show, do we have another female who's mostly just an object? IE is unfaithful wife, Soo Jin, no more than an object to be bandied about between the guys to justify their bad behaviour?

I actually think that the reveal about the affair was to make us like Jin woo even more, because all this time, we've been led to assume that this rich, arrogant chaebol divorced his first wife and remarried again easily and callously. That was the first impression I got anyway from episode 1. Now, we're suddenly shown his first wife's regret at her indiscretion, and the fact that they've been carrying on an affair months before the divorce happened. All these are to make us think that Our Hero is a wronged man, and make us love him even more, if that's possible.

The writer really loves him, that's for sure. What will they reveal next? That he neglected her because he was trying to build a company for her, to secure a good life for her? Let's wait with baited breath. In the meantime, I predict another kissing scene, maybe next week, or more petulant cutesy scenes of Hyun Bin pouting He didn't know, but they must have been having problems in their marriage.

This episode, we are suddenly shown scenes where she seems to be regretting her affair, and still loves him. That was a surprise. Why do you assume that JW divorced SJ? I was thinking that she must have asked for the divorce since she was having an affair with CHS for months. I agree about that slapping scene being repeated too much. But I do like the flashbacks, even though they overdo it at times. Lol , and also with the title, Memories of the Alhambra. Yes, I meant the divorce happened before he found out about the affair, I should have used a different pattern of words. I think that it was her who asked for the divorce and not him, because he must have loved her a lot Did he neglect her?

Or did the friend deliberately set out to win her affections, and shower her with attention? I think the writer forgot what Sujin said to JW after Cha's death. Her words and her actions does not match whatsoever. She said Hyunseok always wanted to reconcile, and they weren't always happy with how things were. How does that contradict Sujin having an affair with Hyungseok before the divorce? Not to forget the weird timing of inserting a background music like when JW called and asked HJ out for a date when she was in the workshop.

It feels weird that the music lasted only for less than 5 seconds and stopped abruptly before transitioning to the other scene. I somehow felt like there's an error with the editing. I rewatched ep 1 and 2 and everything was perfect. Storyline, editing, transitions and all. It seemed like one of those dramas with high-end production. It had a huge potential in the beginning.

It could have been the best drama of the year but yet just another drama with loopholes,slow pacing, repititions and tears and then more tears. I hope the remaining 4 episodes could save the entire drama. I'm also not a fan of male-dominated world. If the writer decided to make HJ as someone who only stays besides her man for moral and emotional supports, at least show us some female players in the game.

Or maybe a female IT tech? I have no issue with the romance tho. I understand why they were attracted to each other judging from the traumatic events they've been through together and JW is such a stuborn character. He knows he needs help or even food but he insisted that he was fine and okay. HJ's character, tho could be irritating, has to keep him in check. Emma, dear Emma, don't be just the pretty girl that gives a few health bars.

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Maybe save Sec Seo? It's so heart-breaking to see Jin-woo's this week. And the way Hyun-Bin's conveyed the emotions made it more painful. And Director Park is right, Jin-woo is really smart!!! So excited to see what will happen next week since Prof. Cha and Hee-jo are joining the game Heeju is nice but I would have kicked him out of my life entirely and also maybe kicked him elsewhere.

Rude, annoying and insufferable. He wasn't even sorry that he caused Grandma to collapse. Hey, Jin woo, if you're reading this, make him your ally. They did a good job of making SB look so dweeby with that terrible haircut, too. I cannot stand him. He doesn't even treat HJ well--he has no room to be complaining about how other people treat her. The very presence of his character irritates me. HE is actually the person who bullies her by being overly-protective, much to the point of being possessive of her. Who gives him any right of being like that? Is it possible that Sang-beum is the real villain, the mastermind behind the disappearance of Se Joo?

He has been a friend of the family forever and I'm guessing he knew Se Joo better than his sister. I have to wonder about his purpose in the story. Sang-beum being really mastermind behind Se Joo's disappearance will be too random i think. Prof Cha may be a total jerk, but his shocked reaction makes it seem less likely that he could be the evil mastermind behind the game and its glitches. Also the actor playing Prof Cha is amazing. I respect your opinion but I wanna insert his terrified expression at that scene here.

Laughed my head offf. I did a doubletake, and then read the posts below. Laughed my head off at stardust 's I respect your opinion, too. Thanks, guys, you made my day. You're that scared of a little thunder and clouds? It was just thunder and rain, and he was already so freaked out It just made me rub my hands in glee abt how he will react when his son appears in blood.

His reaction did not disappoint. Also, this is something I've read from a diff forum, but do you guys think there is a possibility that Soo Jin is now with Director Park? The thoughts that came to mind: It's fortunate he's not a real wolf as he called himself in Ep 1 or 2. Fortunately HJ didn't turn out into a hopeless princess that needed saving. The game is like constant persecution, and will wear any player down. It really is a game that should never be released.

It tears down physical, mental and emotional health. But whatever the game, it should not require players being out and about in public being a nuisance and a danger to others and to themselves. He said he had prepared what he needed, and we should have guessed that it was all going to be in the AR world.

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I feel like he was confident that he knew Prof. Cha well, and that was why he knew how to get Prof. Cha into the game. He's clever, but that's not what I respect him the most. I think he's very composed in the face of ultimate danger. Trying to get Prof. Cha into the game and persuading him to be his ally was probably his last card. I just can't imagine what'll happen if he failed. When the stakes are the highest and losing means destruction, his unflappable way of still being able to think and act coolly is to be applauded.

Guitar duel instead of a guitar duet! The one who's fingers stumble on the tremolo first loses! Or if a guitar string breaks: If the romance means I get to see Jinwoo's smile and dimples more I don't mind a bit. All my question bubbles on the loveline burst into the air I'm drowning in those dimples Oh and as much as people have been hating on PSH, I think for me this is the first time I've seen her do a kissing role that didn't look like she was in pain or looking like a scared rabbit.

I would send Pricky Sang-beom Oppa higgledy-piggledy right into the game as Zinu's next ally right after Professor Cha. That guy needs a good spanking , well and true. There's this song in encounter which sounds like the song from dream high sung by those Japanese group. Can you help me with the name of the song?? I'm not sure to understand Su-Jin.

She cheated on Jin Woo, I can imagine that he was not necessarily very attentive. But Hyung Seok clearly showed that he was dating her because he had an inferioty complex with Jin Woo and his father.