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What life is like after being deported by ICE in a mass raid. Strange that you quote the ESV which has removed hell from so many passages. You are either a young Christian or a lazy Christian who has never studied the Bible. Unlike you, many gay Christians study the Bible in context, obeying 2 Timothy 2: I hope that someday, you will get serious for God and also obey 2 Tim 2: Thanks for stopping by. Feb 11, Homosexuality in scripture?

John McKee Anyone who can read 1 Cor. Paul's discussion of Jewish Christians trying to bind the Law of Moses had nothing to do with offering the "liberty" to do anything we want with impunity. It was the same Paul who wrote that homosexuals would not "inherit the kingdom of heaven. If people lose their souls because of your distortions, I fear for your soul as well. No one used that word in the Bible until the s.

Here are the facts. There were many Greek or Latin words Paul could have used in 1 Cor 6: And strangely enough, none of the verses you cited, 1 Cor. You attempted to answer a question about lesbians by citing three verses which do not mention gays and do not mention lesbians. May 31, Homosexuality and monogamous relations by: So confused Hello everyone. I am just getting on here to get some understanding. I am 19 and a female and in a committed relationship to a female. However, I am also a pastors child of a nondenominational church and have been all my life. I just really need some understanding because honestly I'm so lost.

I want to say that I follow the bible but the constant question about the topic of homosexuality in the bible has me running around in circles. I love my girlfriend and we are quite happy and both Christians. I need someone to really talk to me about this or provide scriptures for my understanding. Thanks for your comment. My website exists to help dispel confusion on the gay issue.

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To that end, I have carefully documented info on each of the clobber passages. To help with that, I have more than pages of FREE downloadable Basic Bible Studies so you can print them on your printer and work through them with an open Bible, which helps you learn the Bible at home. The only way to get peace with God on this issue is to: Aug 07, I'm confused and need help by: Like with me I'm having bad trouble, i have a friend who's a girl and i confessed to her. She says it's okay and when i told her i was in church she still says I'm still gay lesbian.

I understand her saying that i can't change over night and Idk what to say and i still love her and i don't know why she said that Idk if she likes me.. Or read i can't find my. And it because it is basically said that a man can't lay with another man.. And the reason why i can't find my answer is because it's not there But i know it may not be the answer i want but it's what He wants and i know i don't want to face the truth. I know love her. But she acts like it's nothing sometimes and me being Christian it's hard. Hi forjesus - Thanks for commenting. First, make absolutely sure that you are saved.

Scripture will not make sense to you until you know for sure you are saved. Then, the only way to get peace on whether it's okay to be lesbian is to read and study for yourself as a born again Christian not just a religious person, not just a cultural christian so you'll know what the Bible says and doesn't say.

Take the time to read the page I've linked below. Then read it again as many times as you have to until you understand it. That will take some time because it's not a simple subject but the time you invest will be worth the effort because you'll come away from it with peace of mind. Does Leviticus condemn gays and lesbians? Sep 03, Thank you for comforting message! Vivian McAlexander Thank you for some comforting words of truth and unscrambling things.


Other Christians have caused conflict within my soul. I am a Christian who does my very best to live a moral life to glorify and show respect for The Lord. I do not sleep around, and greatly desire a monogamous relationship with another woman. To me, love is the most important thing, above sexual pleasure. I've heterosexual friends who sleep around, smoke, drink, use drugs, etc.

I have long ago distanced myself from them, as it's better to alone than in bad company. They try to drag you down in their way of living. I do my best to take care of my body, as the body is a Temple of God. It is a gift as is life. I cannot believe that Jesus, who is love, would condemn two women who love and respect each other. Where is the harm or sin? I pray that God will place a loving and devoted lady into my life. I will love and cherish her.

In Christ's love, Vivian. Live free, and pray for the Christians, etc. The radical Islamists torture and kill lesbians and homosexuals. Pray for them and the other innocents. God be with our soldiers who are defending our freedom. Hi Vivian - I'm thankful we can be a blessing to you and I pray that our loving Lord meets your every need, answers your prayers and blesses you in ways you've never imagined.

There is lots of info on this website so feel free to explore. Sep 11, How do you reconcile marriage and homosexuality? Looking for Answers How do you reconcile the institution of marriage with homosexuality? God has set up marriage to be a picture of the "Church's" relationship with Christ. Anyone who is saved is a part of the church. Therefore, marriage is also a picture of what our relationship is with Christ. My real question deals with "headship".

How can I reconcile being lesbian and Christian?

In a marriage, the man is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the man. Husbands are told to love their wives as Christ loved the Church. In order to be saved, we have to come to the realization that we need a Savior and we have to obey His voice and come to Him. We have to submit ourselves to His Word and willingly accept the work that has been done on the cross. Work that was done out of His love for us. Once we are saved we own up to Him as Lord. Marriage is a beautiful picture of this. The Church is one body, Christ is the head of the body the Church.

We are all members of that one body. We Christ and the Church are one. There are verses that talk about how when a man leaves his father and mother he will cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh, i.

Lesbian Christian Dating

There appears to be a very specific order in regards to marriage. I can't seem to reconcile this in my head when it comes to gay marriage. When there is a same sex couple, who is the head of the marriage? It gets cloudy for me, things appear to be out of order. I'm not trying to be harsh, I just want answers. Hi Looking for Answers - It helps to remember that both men and women are Christs bride. Since Jesus is the Incarnate word the word made flesh and the Bible is the written word, there is no conflict in these issues. The Bible tells us that men are already part of the bride of Christ and will marry Jesus, Ephesians 5, in heaven.

That holy and sanctified relationship is often ignored yet it is part of the bride and groom analogy. If men can marry the man, Christ Jesus in heaven, then why do Christians argue that it is wrong for a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman on earth? Concerning headship, isn't that something that individual couples can figure out based on abilities and gifts from God?

It seems to me there is far too much legalism involved in other people deciding issues like that for your marriage or my marriage. Hope this is helpful. I have more gay marriage information at these links - each page has multiple links to more information. Dec 10, church in the deep south by: I have been looking for a church that is accepting, only to find they will allow you to attend, and participate in activities but to join their church you have give up being gay, to me this is not right.

I consider myself a Christian, but I am also lesbian. Why can't I be both within a congregation which I joined? Hi Mel - If they accept you in a friendly way even though they don't want you to join , that is progress. Concerning churches that are friendly but don't want us as members, I'm reminded of a Groucho Marx saying: Jul 08, Lesbianism is a sin by: Yes as one gay woman said on another site all of us have sinned, so we should not judge.

And that is true.

But Christian repent of their sins in order to go to heaven, but if being gay is a sin, they do not change and repent of that sin. So I feel that their sin is different from others. What do you think? Aug 09, Wow!!! Sarah You are a false prophet.

Gay People Can Finally Date on This Huge Christian Dating Site?

It's says in the bible anyone who takes changes or adds to the Bible thru text will well, I m sure you know. The devil is the father of all lies and you are helping people into a trap. Hi Sarah - Your comment makes me sad. How can someone who doesn't study the Bible and hasn't even read the Bible from cover to cover decide that I am a false prophet? Aug 17, In Genesis 19 was it wrong to rape men but not wrong to rape women? Nwando Hi, I do not believe lesbianism is a sin.

If it was, I wouldn't be gay but that's btw. I travel a lot but I'm from Nigeria. I have a lesbian christian forum that is just budding. I post an exposition on 'anti-gay evangelicals confirming Gen 19 to not be about homosexuals thanks to your articles. Then I get a lot of positive comments and questions. Most I've answered, but I'd like to know your take on this one "I know the Bible is confusing sometimes but in both Genesis and Judges 19, it looks like it was okay to rape a woman but not a man. So one would wonder if it is the act of rape that was wrong or is wrong OR just the gender that would have been involved' I have a forum here in Nigeria where I have exposition on homosexuality and christianity.

We are mostly lesbians and I have recently put together and article on 'how you can still be a lesbian and a christian. A member has asked a question and I need your thoughts on it Q: I know the Bible is confusing sometimes but in both Genesis and Judges 19, it looks like it was okay to rape a woman but not a man. So one would wonder if it is the act of rape that was wrong or is wrong OR just the gender that would have been involved? What a wonderful ministry God has given you! You've asked an interesting question - here is my answer.

Rape is always wrong, whether it is a woman being raped or a man being raped.

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God loves lesbians and women in general as much as He loves men. In Genesis 19 and Judges 19, remember that we are not dealing with modern culture. The destruction of Sodom happened years ago, around BC. The awful story in Judges 19 takes place more than years ago, around BC. The point is, the Bible deals with culture as it finds it and the Bible does not try to sugar coat the sins and failures of people. The sins and failures of people in the Old Testament are laid bare by God because the Bible is an honest book.

In both stories, Genesis 19 and Judges 19, rape or gang rape is an awful and wicked sin. Rape is never right. The attempted gang rape of the angel visitors in Sodom was not allowed by God to go unpunished. Because of the wickedness of the men of Sodom and because of their lack of hospitality and at least six other sins, Ezekiel That is an awful but well deserved judgment for their sins.

In the Judges 19 story, an awful judgment also came upon the Benjamites as a tribe, since the Jebusite men who raped the woman in Judges 19 were from the Benjamite city of Gibeah, Judges The Benjamites should have exercised firm control over the pagan Jebusites but they did not.

For their failure to keep the city of Gibeah a safe place to live, the other tribes of Israel gathered together and fought against the tribe of Benjamin, killing many thousands of them. The rest of the story is found in Judges 20 and Christian Gays has given me a platform where I can minister to the confused, the hurting, the lonely, and more. As a Prayer Warrior, Christian Gays allows me to pray openly as the Holy Spirit leads me any time I feel there is a need to talk to God about any situation.

Christian Gays is here to welcome you, to accept you as you are, and if you need to confess anything to God, we are here to help you feel HIS Forgiveness. I joined CG 10 years ago, because I was just joining another social site. When I did join, I met a few people and chatted with them on the site.

Very few people had my number or even my email address. Today, I am more than just a member or a number. I am part of a group of people who understand the differences in religions and beliefs. That set us apart and above the bar on most social sites, including The Gay Christian Network, which is more about this and that, and lost the meaning of Family. Christian Gays is more than just this and that, we are a big family. This is by far the best site, and it actually changed my life in the way I see the world and who I am.